Feature Highlight - Breadcrumbs


Meetingmax is happy to announce the latest feature in the online housing application, breadcrumbs.


What are breadcrumbs?
Bread crumbs typically appear horizontally near the top of a Web page, providing links back to each previous page that the user navigates through in order to get to the current page. The term comes from the trail of breadcrumbs left by Hansel and Gretel in the popular fairytale.



  • - easier navigation within the Master Control Panel Event Pages
  • - save valuable time
    - seamlessly navigate between event hotel room types, event hotels, and general events 


How Does it Work?
Inside your Master Control Panel when you are viewing your event, event hotels, and event hotel room types, you will now see three new navigation drop down menus near the top of your screen. Please see below for a visual. These drop down menus allow you to seamlessly navigate to (1) other active events (2) other event hotels (3) other hotel room types within the selected hotel. Simply click on the desired drop down menu to navigate to your desired page. 
Currently breadcrumbs are only available within event hotels and event hotel room types. 


Meetingmax Breadcrumbs



Questions? Inquiries? Please contact your client services manager for further details. 
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