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Grass Roots had landed a new client and was working quickly towards launching registration and housing for its upcoming conference. The event was projecting 6,000 room nights at four hotels, in ten sub-blocks. 

Grass Roots was looking to deploy a new housing solution. It wanted a streamlined PCI-compliant system that would ensure accuracy and minimize risk for their client. They had explored other solutions but weren’t confident in their ability to deliver on cost and within the short window of time before launch.

One of Grass Roots’ strategic partners, etouches, recommended that they reach out to Meetingmax. Preliminary discussions gave Grass Roots confidence in the system and the company’s track record. They engaged Meetingmax and tasked them with:

  • Rapid deployment: With less than four weeks to launch, Meetingmax had to hit the ground running. To meet the deadline, the team launched an accelerated training program to get Grass Root’s people live as soon as possible.
  • Integrated housing and registration: Through their open API, Meetingmax’s room reservation process was linked to Grass Roots’ in-house conference registration system to allow attendees to move seamlessly through the entire process. This would reduce barriers to entry and increase pickup inside the room blocks.
  • Daily reporting capability: Grassroots wanted to be able to quickly pull off daily pick-up reports to monitor room blocks, compare housing against registration lists and keep their client informed.
  • Sub-blocks: Grass Roots had ten sub-blocks that it needed to manage, including main attendees, sponsors, speakers, VIPs, media, vendors, staff and more. They needed to view remaining inventory in each sub-block and confirm that attendees were booked in the correct category.

Meetingmax delivered within the client’s short timeline and the launch was a success. Training was complete within a week and the event was live eight days later. 
Registration invitations were sent in a staggered fashion to allow the team to identify any potential issues and tweak the process before opening it up to all delegates.

By linking registration and housing, delegates experienced a streamlined registration process that also allowed them to book their hotel room. Grass Roots could easily pull comprehensive registration reports featuring real-time housing data including hotel, room type, sub-block, res ID & status, hotel confirmation number and check-in/out dates.

“We were impressed with the responsiveness of Meetingmax’s team as well as how user-friendly the system is,” says Charlie Litchfield, Technology Director, Grass Roots Group. “Now that we have solid technology in place to manage the process, we have the ability to offer housing to more of our clients.” Based on its early success with Meetingmax, Grass Roots went live with its second event using the system three weeks later.

Grass Roots Meetings & Events is a full-service meetings and events agency that supports corporate clients of all sizes, including numerous Fortune 500 companies. From its offices in London and New York, the company specializes in strategic meetings management, delegate management and venue sourcing. 

Grass Roots helps organizations innovate, consolidate and enhance their meetings and events activities with the goal of achieving long-term performance improvement. It believes that successful meetings and events change behavior and have a positive effect on business performance. It works with clients to shape future interactions, using actionable insight derived from every touchpoint, experience and event.

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by Kelly Heesterman