EventIcons Podcast #100: Keeping Event Housing Profitable

With the recent announcement of commission cuts from Marriott Hotels many event professionals are wondering, can I keep housing as a profitable part of my business?

Join Nadine Spitteler from A111 Power of Conference Service, our CEO Jeff Duncan, and Tahira Endean, live on Wednesday, February 7th for an EventIcons podcast on “Keeping Event Housing Profitable” where we’ll discuss this matter in detail.

On the podcast we'll dive into questions such as: 

  • How important is the hotel selection in supporting meeting goals?
  • What does this cut in commissions mean to agencies providing housing of any size? (outside of those four that were very publicly granted the 10% for at least a greater duration into the future)
  • What are some of the typical payment models for a housing service?
  • What are the key differences between housing in Europe and North America? 
  • How do accommodation sharing sites like AirBnB impact event housing? 

Attendee participation drives the podcast, so come prepared to ask the tough questions.

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Wednesday, February 7th
2:00pm PST / 5:00pm EST


by Kelly Heesterman