Feature Highlight: Bulk Changes

Meetingmax Feature Highlight - Bulk Changes

Inspired by customer feedback at Unconvention 2017, we are super excited to announce improvements to the Changes tab in your Meetingmax system. The new Bulk Changes feature allows you to manage many different change requests at the same time without having to process each of them individually. What a time saver! Don't worry, you can still do it the old way if that suits you by simply clicking on each row in the table. This feature is across all panels. 

Bulk Changes MCP.jpg

To view this new feature, log in to your Meetingmax system and click on the Changes tab. Here you will see a new table format for all change request (see image above). At the top menu you can choose to view General change requests, Cancellations, or Processed change requests. Change requests are grouped together based on Res IDs. For each Res ID you can select Accept All, Decline All, or No Action from the drop down menu on the left. Expand each row in the table by clicking on it; here you can accept or decline individual requests. We hope you enjoy this new feature! 

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Log-in to your system, play around, and increase your Meetingmax knowledge - you housing superstar! If you want to learn more, register for the next FREE monthly training webinar. View schedule.

by Kelly Heesterman