Feature Highlight: Credit Card Access Settings For Hotel Users

Meetingmax Feature Highlight - Credit Card Access Settings for Hotel Users

We have added an additional level of security so that you can control which hotel users are allowed to view full credit card information. In the MCP, under the Hotel Users Tab, inside each individual hotel user profile, you will see a new column titled "Credit Card Access". Here you can enable or disable access for your hotel users based on the hotel and event they are managing. Enabled access will allow the hotel user to view the entire credit card information under the reservation tab and in reports. Disabled access will hide the credit card information. In the picture below we have displayed 4 different scenarios for hotel user access: 

  • (1) Full Access - CC Access Enabled: Hotel user has full access and can view credit card information.
  • (2) Full Access - CC Access Disabled: Hotel user has full access but is unable to view credit card information 
  • (3) Summary Only Access - CC Access Enabled After Unlock Date: After the unlock date, the hotel user will gain full access and will view credit card information 
  • (4) Summary Only Access - No Unlock Date Assigned: Hotel user will not gain full access so credit card access is not applicable. 
Please note: existing Hotel Users will have the CC Access enabled by default. 

Credit Card Access for Hotel Users 2.jpg

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by Kelly Heesterman