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For our Gathering Minds Meeting this past month the MMX team and friends read Culture is Everything: The Story and System of a Start-Up That Become Australia's Best Place to Work by Tristan White. 

About the book:
"Tristan White's story started like many others. He had a dream to work in a job that inspired him. He didn't find that job, so he created it. In 2004, The Physio Co (TPC) was born with one team member: Tristan White. In the 13 years since, TPC has become a remarkable healthcare success story based on fast growth and a thriving, systemised company culture. Tristan's obsession with creating an inspiring place to work for himself and others has resulted in more than a decade of learning, testing, and refining. If you've ever wondered how to build and sustain a thriving company culture, the Culture Is Everything system developed by Tristan White and The Physio Co team is your answer."

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This book was a nice, easy read with a clear roadmap outlining how Tristan was able to build his organization into one of the best places to work in Australia. We appreciated his real life examples of how he put his rules into practice. Tristan has created a helpful tool, 19 steps to building a great place to work, which we recommend downloading. Here's a general overview of what you need to build a great place to work: 

  1. Painted Picture: Create a clear vision for your organization. 
  2. Discover your Why: Make sure you, and every single team member, know exactly why your organization exists. 
  3. Execute Relentlessly: Put tools in place to keep your team aligned and motivated. 
  4. Care for your Team: Take care of your tribe through regular check-ins and opportunities for praise. 

Our team was extra grateful as Tristan took the time to personally join our Gathering Minds Meeting and answer any questions we had - what a rockstar! 

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On a scale of 1-10 where 1 equals a book with little value one would not wish to read again, and 10 equals a fantastic book with the ability to grow an individual personally, professionally or both, we rated this book 9.7.

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